• Anger And Me

    I sometimes think that I am possessed by anger
    The Satan nurturing in me
    who at times shows up behind my face
    making me look horrendous and danger... more »

  • Fly, Young Bird.

    I might not be able to save you this time
    From the thievery that this time brings along
    Snatching you away from my safe treasury
    To make you part of the world which has a different song... more »

  • Howling Pompeii

    No writer was left alive
    No poet to frame the happenings
    No women to become wife
    No men to exchange rings... more »

  • Just One More Day

    Just one more day
    I ask my brain who forever lives in trance
    Just one more day
    I ask to give life a another chance... more »

  • Migraints

    And they kept walking
    A mile, then another and then another

    With mask covering their mouth which also covered their partial helpless face,... more »

  • Sin

    Those eyes mock him
    and words spit fire
    he still resists all this
    by controlling his inner sire.... more »

  • The Journey

    The drop of blood, Red and scary, Rolls down through my body as I stare.
    A whole lot of identity leaves behind his trace
    The trace in the form of stain on my body as it makes his way
    I find it getting thinner and thinner.... more »

  • The Play

    I have lived 100 pages and more 100 to live
    Half way through, yet easy to conceive
    Small is my part in the worlds play
    That page by page continues to decay... more »