• Dear Diary

    I needed someone to share my feelings,
    I needed someone to cry with,
    I needed someone to tell about my wantings and willings -
    it's very little,... more »

  • Hatty-Patty

    People wear to keep their heads warm or cool,
    Magicians wear hats to make others fool!

    Sportsmen wear hats to keep themselves safe... more »

  • Me

    She was an Indian,
    But she didn't know that one day she would be able to,
    See, meet and make friends with Europeans,
    By going to their place, by learning their culture,... more »

  • My Friend

    When life seems to be down,
    Dark never seems to be gone
    There is always some one,
    Someone who makes my dawn... more »

  • No Time

    No time at all
    A pile of books, very tall
    Almost like the great wall... more »

  • On The 61st 15th August

    India, the land where I was born, well India is not
    Only the land where I was born; I’m missing out
    Thousands and thousands of things.... more »

  • On Your Birthday

    Don’t count the years you grow,
    Think about how much you know.

    Analyse yourself and resolute for the best,... more »

  • Say Of The Fire Which Awaits

    This is to those who discriminate.
    Well, they are to me those whom I hate.

    Thanks to them,... more »

  • Splendour

    A great work of art,
    Magnificence. Grandeur. Beauty.
    An avenue-nature’s work
    Arches forming acanopy.... more »

  • The Fire

    In the frost bitten land far far away
    Or in the forbidden forest,
    If you lay
    You can see it from far far away... more »

  • Waves On The Sea-Side

    Nice to listen the crunching sound of the wave,
    I saved some shells which the sea gave.
    If I feel lonely I go to the sea,
    it's very impressive to me.... more »

  • When An Ant Was Speaking To God In His Dream

    Great one,
    I won’t take long, very soon
    I will be done... more »