• * A Lifetime Of Endless Tides

    Did you ever look inside a sea
    shell, and see the beauty, then
    magicly hold it to your ear,
    and how you can hear the... more »

  • * Final Sunset Sail

    When the parting comes to view
    and it is apparent that now all
    is said and done, why is it that
    there is such a need to forget... more »

  • * Stolen Moon Beam

    When the fullest of the moons shine so
    brightly is trully when I look up and wonder
    how many moons have been and gone... more »

  • ** Unforgotten Love

    Time only stood still, it never actually
    changed any part of what was once
    a beginnig... more »

  • **the Song That Was Never Sung

    Inside the walls of your heart is where
    I will always be my love, no matter how
    far away your life has taken you and the
    avenues inwhich you have traveled, always... more »

  • **true Love Never Dies**

    Encaptured in my mind still stands
    the moment of the time when our
    hearts were young and painted
    with all the colours of youth... more »

  • *barren Walls Of Sorrow

    Tides came and washed away
    the empitiness inside my vacant
    heart, the waves came with a thrash
    and washed all the remains only leaving... more »

  • *eternal Resting Rainbow

    Tides have rushed in and taken
    the time that was given to us, it
    marched in and captured the very
    epitomy of our souls, and left us... more »

  • *eternity Of Seasons Beyond

    Freshly fallen winters virgin snow
    casting small white particles of
    angel dust against the pane of
    my broken heart... more »

  • *one Stolen Night

    Searching in the darkeness of the
    hidden walls of your heart, are the
    memories that have grown to haunt
    you as days now have become decades... more »

  • *quiet Moments

    Watching your face, and looking
    at you while you are napping, eye
    glasses proped down to your nose
    with book in hand where the last... more »

  • A Birthday Wish For Our Own Robert Frost

    Happy Birthday to someone who
    is celebrating it very soon

    If I could send a bouquet of... more »

  • A Lesson From The Heart

    Wandering alone in this empty
    forest of darkness, stumbling
    and falling as I go wondering
    if the darkness now will be... more »

  • A Moments Bliss

    As I walked passed you today
    as we accidentaly ran into one
    another, made a feeling inside
    of me, feel like time had stood still... more »

  • A Moments Escape

    Take me back in time
    Open my timeless capsule of
    your soul... more »

  • A New Chapter Of Love

    Enchanting days of bliss are
    the one commodity that still lingers
    within my shadow wherever I go... more »

  • A Story Untold

    Stollen moments in the night as
    the kaddie dids were singing
    We danced to their music... more »

  • A Very Old Engraved Heart

    Looking in my old room, cleaning out
    the house after my mother entered her
    final rest, as I looked at the walls that
    once knew every secret in my tender heart... more »

  • A Warm Summer's Night

    Wispering pines and weaping willows
    all hold the secret to my soul, as they
    were the first to know of the night
    we first kissed, we first held each... more »

  • Acceptance

    Listening to the birds a chatter and the
    mother's feverishly trying to teach the
    young how to eat, with each little
    move she made, the young would... more »

  • Anniversary Of Our Love

    Forty years of bliss and non bliss how do
    you ever try to marinate all the non harmony
    moments, to tenderize its foundation... more »

  • Aromas Of The Soul

    Did you ever stop and listen to
    the rain fall, or listen to the sound
    of the summers gentle wind blowing
    against your window... more »

  • Asset Within My Soul

    Cascades of happy moments
    sailed through my heart as I
    recalled evey moment that
    we laughed, cried, and held... more »

  • August Moon

    August moon echos of kattiedids and
    the aroma of the lake that summer not
    any special aroma, but somehow that
    will always be in my heart along with... more »

  • Authentic In My Heart

    Wishfull thinking of days when
    time had its own endless capsule
    captured with echos of tomorrow's
    memories that will stay vaulted in... more »