• As The Dark Swallows The Shine

    I tear apart my insides thinking of the past
    Wondering and thinking, will we even last?
    My feelings have become numb and my heart slowly cold
    My mind has been drained my passion slowed... more »

  • Home At Last

    Look in the mirror what do I see
    A reflection of my worst enemy
    I see the demons inside and a tattered soul
    Look deeper know there is a glimmer of hope... more »

  • Hopeful Change

    My mind dark and blurred from the struggles I face
    Down on my knees praying for grace
    Will I be forgiven for all of my sin
    Or will I simply get caught in the wrath again... more »

  • Me

    If you look in my eyes
    Do they look back
    Can you see the color or do you just see black
    If you look even closer can you see my soul... more »

  • Tick Tock

    Tick tock, tick tock
    Time slides by
    I look at the world with heavy eyes
    So much turmoil and hate here now... more »