• Condition Me

    condition me, my memory,
    in retrospect i look to thee
    the deviant streak i took when she said to me
    system crash, speak to me... more »

  • Foiled Attempts And Soiled Dementia

    somethings dont change, i could sit here for hours,
    discovering the sound, see whats around
    take what i can, other wise just be mellow
    and control the feeling inside, man... more »

  • Indepth Mandatory Process Of The Artist

    consumed by the secrets of another truth-
    testing you, calling you to relapse.
    respond to your routine existance-
    calling you, enthralling you to relapse.... more »

  • Money

    it was a fact and already known
    its not an act weve grown to show

    how can they rule us... more »

  • Mr William Mortality

    Come time to test the truth and the fear
    here comes the point to push you severe
    you knew it was coming an now here you go
    all that i have, all that i know... more »

  • Music Is The Breakthrough

    try and do it yourself,
    try and make it your own
    you gotta do it yourself,
    make it your own... more »

  • My Emotive Pallet

    Inspired, content, cooking up a solution
    my mind is spent, for a situations resolution,
    but harder it feels, than the way it consumed
    my mind must be focused while my heart stays entombed... more »

  • The Denial Brought About The Realization

    an owl sits in a cemetary,
    his perpetual glare peircing the cold mist.
    rising from the fresh cut grass is
    a dead oak tree thats slumps,... more »

  • The Dream In The Distance

    tryna hold onto a fallen dream
    i walked away and then i heard the screams
    i turned around and looked into the eyes
    another one with torn and shattered cries... more »

  • The Lessons Learnt Along The Way

    i thought you needed me,
    you said you need me,
    you said to me, like you had neversaid goodbye
    but this isnt a song from above my eye... more »