• Acceptance

    Oh past - You horrible past
    You lead me to believe life was over- Alas
    The revelation that was once so badly needed
    Finally arrived with comforting relief!... more »

  • Adam & Eve

    Traumatizing events;
    Life has left behind;
    Shameful mistakes,
    Hiding from the light... more »

  • Blessing From Father

    Every Morning is a blessing,
    Given by our Heavenly Father.

    Another chance to accept Christ... more »

  • Change

    Have patience with me,
    I am still very tender....
    In my heart
    There are emotions that I am still trying to figure...... more »

  • Completed By You

    Hydrating kisses in the sun
    Received compassion by the ton

    Long days... more »

  • Entwined Hearts

    Look at us....
    So young and innocent....
    Staring in each others eyes...
    For that warm feeling...... more »

  • Faith (Learn To Receive It)

    Good and bad works together for good
    Life is full of obstacles; this is understood

    Faith is genuine and solid,... more »

  • Fall In Love

    How many ways could you love someone?
    There are many ways to express,
    Try giving support to bad ideas....
    Even when you know there not best.... more »

  • Great Peace Of Perfection

    For love, Truth, Understanding and Protection;
    Died for everyone's, iniquities and transgressions

    He died for - and love those who hate him... more »

  • Great Reward!

    I have never seen heaven;
    Though I can't wait to go,
    To this increadible place,
    Where sorrow is no more... more »

  • I Am Queen To My King

    Do you have any idea how you make me feel,
    Crazy but true though always will......
    Be in love with an opposite creature.....
    That is sweet but yet bitter,... more »

  • Life-Long Music

    You are my harp - I am your strings
    Let us make beautiful music together
    As our hearts join to sing... more »

  • Lifetime

    You percious jewel,
    so radiant and rare,
    Falling in love with you......
    is like climbing heaven's stair.... more »

  • Long-Live Christians!

    Long-Live Christians
    For we are made in the image of CHRIST
    We were saved by his death
    That HAS brought us LIFE... more »

  • Mind Is A Garden: Take Care Of It!

    The day I evolved...
    Was the day i learned...
    That being a leader...
    Was well deserved.... more »

  • Most Beautiful Ones

    Beautiful are those who beholds the key...
    That looks beyond the outter appearence....
    That understands the beauty in thee.... more »

  • My Lost King

    I was once in love with this man,
    That nver once made me cry,
    Sweetheart could not stand to see me hurt
    Every tear away he would wipe.... more »

  • My Wedding Vows

    You are so beautiful,
    Inside and out,
    You are the epitomy of love,
    Precisely what love is about.... more »

  • Patiently Waiting On You Lord

    Worry is an attack method used on the mind,
    I am going through a rough and antoganizing time
    Lord I am waiting patiently for you...
    To speak to me and tell me what I should do.... more »

  • Struggle For Peace

    ''Be careful young child''
    ''Don't go that route''
    ''Pay close attention''
    There are wolves on the prowl... more »

  • Unprepared For Your Storm

    All through high school;
    With a crush so pure,
    School girl giggles,
    Smiles galore!... more »