• Accidents

    accidents happen when we can not see them
    accidents happen when no is around or sometimes when people are around
    accidents can be prevented
    accidents can be very devastating... more »

  • Addiction

    addiction is a stronghold in someone's mind
    addiction is what the devil puts in your mind
    addiction is what makes people not believe
    addiction is what makes you achieve nothing... more »

  • Angels

    angels watch over you
    angels protect you
    angels guide you
    angels love you... more »

  • Anger

    anger is something you feel when your mad at someone
    anger is a feeling like no other
    anger is a like a vicious circle it goes around and around
    anger is like war bloody and cruel... more »

  • Arguments

    arguements are sometimes useful and sometimes not
    arguements are trying to make points and some are to cause violence
    arguements are possibly very dangerous and cause people take very not important decisions
    arguements a very none responsible in relationships... more »

  • Balance

    balance is what you keep in life
    balance is what you keep at a level
    balance is to a certain degree
    balance is what you feed... more »

  • Beautiful

    beautiful thats what life is
    beautiful is what people are
    beautiful is what people think you are
    beautiful is what people tell you are... more »

  • Betraying

    betraying is a strict but not nice thing to do
    betraying is like hurting someone
    betraying is like stabbing someone in the heart
    betraying is judging a book by it cover... more »

  • Bus

    ... more »

  • Busy

    busy every day
    busy every night
    busy doing things
    busy with friends... more »

  • Cancer

    cancer kills
    cancer spreads
    cancer makes you sick
    cancer can be cure... more »

  • Challenge

    challenge is what you do in every day situations
    challlenge is what you do when your battle
    challenge is what you do when you fight
    challenge is in a game u take risk... more »

  • Change

    change can happen when you get the chance
    change can happen without a passing glance
    change can change everything in your path
    change is the resistance to the things in the past... more »

  • Church

    church is a place you go to worship god
    church is a place you go to meet new people
    church is where you sing your heart out
    church is where you feel gods presence... more »

  • Climbing

    climbing to where im stronger
    climbing to where i can fight
    climbing to the highest mountain
    climbing to the highest tree... more »

  • Connection

    connection is what u feel for another person
    connection is what u feel when u first meet the person
    connection is what you understand about the person
    connection is also the love you feel... more »

  • Courage

    courage gives you the strength to all weakenesses
    courage gives you a very postive look out on life
    courage gives you the strength to move on when you dont know how too
    courage what you have when someone tries to bring you down... more »

  • Cry

    cry when im in pain
    cry when i feel disappointment
    cry when i feel gods presence
    cry when my wedding comes... more »

  • Dad

    dad a strong determined man
    dad a hard worker
    dad a one that sticks by my side
    dad a one that makes sure no one hurts me... more »

  • Death

    death is a part of life
    death is very devastating
    death is very painful
    death is hard to take... more »

  • Demons

    demons control your very thoughts
    demons make evil so you think life is nothing
    demons make life unbearable to the people you love
    demons make life's mistakes very serious\... more »

  • Denial

    ... more »

  • Depression

    depression is not what you want in your life
    depression is not the answer to your problems
    depression effects your mind and your thoughts
    depression is anger and lashing out at people... more »

  • Desire

    desire for the once you love
    desire makes your soul on fire
    desire makes you always go back for more
    desire is what makes you want something so much you will do anything for it... more »

  • Devoted

    devoted to someone who you care most
    devoted to a person you can trust
    devoted to the person that loves you the most
    devoted to your once in a lifetime love... more »