• A Love Affair With Humidity

    I can't remember the exact moment
    I fell in love with humidity
    it just sorta happened
    a few years back... more »

  • A Narrow Escape

    a breakup is like a narrow escape
    the more tragic the loss
    the more better off
    the narrower the... more »

  • A Setup

    where do you get your looks from?
    your father or your mother?
    I have my father's eyes
    my mother's jaw... more »

  • After All

    after all
    the things we've gone through
    always seem silly
    after all is said and done... more »

  • Amidst A Misogynist

    In the thick of the mix
    of the blitz of awe and beauty of beauties,
    we have it would seem
    a misogynist amidst.... more »

  • Bag Of Bags

    what's in the bag?
    a bag
    within a bag
    within a bag... more »

  • Bionic

    A partition in the fruition it would seem
    possibly, a partial redemption
    for past failures and shattered dreams
    alas!... more »

  • Bright Colors That Fade

    To dream of the same
    night upon night
    an unfulfilled promise
    a loose end... more »

  • Carefully Chosen Words

    Feel free
    about your feelings
    to ramble to your heart's content
    if it is even possible... more »

  • Chain Letters Never Sent

    I'ts all those chainletters
    I never sent
    that I only read
    without passing them... more »

  • Choose Your Own

    Life is like
    a choose your own adventure book
    you keep re-reading
    until you get the ending... more »

  • Circle

    easy to be encircled
    within the circle
    of friends
    when you travel in the same social circles... more »

  • Compliments Of The Gentleman

    A well placed compliment
    can serve as the condiment
    the breath mint
    for a new relationship... more »

  • Designer Love

    Very well I contradict myself
    knock myself out
    looking for a knockout
    won't settle for a knockoff... more »

  • Drawing Bored

    I'm so bored
    nothing to do
    there's nobody on the phone to talk to
    nobody I want, too... more »

  • Erotic Thriller

    a character
    rugged handsome
    messy apartment
    down on his luck... more »

  • Five Times

    Let the phone ring five times
    hang up
    no more, no less
    any more they're too busy to talk to you... more »

  • Fountain Drink Of Youth

    a thirst
    empty cup
    filled with ice
    pour beverage... more »

  • From One Small Corner

    Living in America, or pretty much anywhere,
    one inevitably encounters in their daily peregrinations,
    some that are so unconscious of the amount
    of physical space they take up in the world,... more »

  • Guilt In Slow Motion

    The people you meet can turn out to be quite neat,
    if you take the time to know them.
    Everyone has their own galaxy going on inside their heads.
    Some galaxies are more vast and contain more stars than others,... more »

  • Hider In The House

    Be mindful of those in their mission to keep things hidden.
    Before thinking about someone,
    who is thought to be hiding something,
    and how they can't get away with hiding anything from you...... more »

  • High Card

    Bet your max if you want to win
    never bet your max unless
    you're prepared to lose everything... more »

  • Human Side

    People are just objects
    for pleasure
    and amusement
    to be used, exploited... more »

  • Illusion As Reality

    dreaming of another-
    illusion manifests itself
    attempting to elude... more »

  • Just Saying

    Look I'm just saying.
    I'm just.
    I'm just
    saying.... more »