• Broken Silents

    The sound is like a thumping in my head.
    It will not stop, it can not stop.
    I scream out in pain but no sound is heard.
    My throat is dry my eyes water, the pain the pain.... more »

  • Darkness

    After the sun is quiet in the sky,
    a new birth is born in the still of the night.
    The moon calls for me to catch a ride on its
    beams, the darkness holds me as long as I let her.... more »

  • Fallen

    Today is the day I must fall.
    I hear the voices in my head.
    No sight only sound.
    It comes from the darkest shadows of your mind.... more »

  • Feelings

    Your eye speak, your lips hear.
    I see the love of one not of many.
    Your heart is strong not with fever.
    Just the very look of you makes me weak.... more »

  • Life In A Snowflake

    I look and see the first fall of snow, its dark and only the moon is awake.
    It floats quickly downward to the frozen ground, as we human beings seem to do with life.
    It has no reason to fall so fast but it can not help itself, we rush not knowing the true beauty of our surroundings.
    Looking at the flake seems only a waist of time to most, but to me... more »

  • Life Together

    Life Together

    Life Together is a walk in the park.
    You see the beauty in all thats around you.... more »

  • Lost

    Lost becomes my name, I see no more.
    I blink yet no light, all I feel is empty.
    No one there just me to think.
    I fight myself to see, to see the sun kiss... more »

  • Lost Youth

    Lost among the rubble and twisted metal an Angel
    has fallen, not from the sky nor the grace of God but from our sight.
    He lingers in our hearts and in our souls.
    His smile is full and bright as the sun.... more »

  • Screams

    Screams wreak the silence of my mind.
    Not knowing what lies ahead or behind.
    It fills my head with a battling noise.
    I fight to stay awake and hold my poise.... more »

  • The Dance

    Tonight I open my eyes for the first time.
    Not knowing what life will bring.
    Only chance and hope.
    I take the cold air into my arms.... more »

  • The Dance Of An Angel

    Night, it can be scary to some.
    Full of dark corners and shadows everywhere.
    The air is cold and brisk with fever of fear.
    The not knowing what lies in the depths of the black.... more »