• A Broken Place

    the U shall bleed
    but the S shall stand
    together, no
    never agian... more »

  • A Meaningless Life

    a life is meaningless
    if it does not have a purpose
    a life is meaningless
    if it will not have a purpose... more »

  • A Raging Soul

    my soul is burning
    my soul is dying
    my soul is cagged in a pit of fire
    i want to be free... more »

  • A World Cagged

    our world is like a prison
    but without iron bars
    we are cagged in here
    killing all the stars... more »

  • Alive

    aint it grand to be alive
    looking out at Discordia
    when the Demon Moons arrives... more »

  • Angel

    like the sun you appear before me
    filling me with joy and glee
    a halo of light surrounds you
    you skin tinged with a golden hue... more »

  • Arguing With Myself

    i argue with myself from time to time
    like a clock i always chime
    some thing i cantnot explain
    but others i must detain... more »

  • Because Of You

    Because of You
    In this hole
    there is me
    A feeble understanding... more »

  • Bleeding

    why do so many have to bleed everyday
    they bleed so that we can live
    why do so many die everyday
    they die so that we can be free... more »

  • Caught

    You got caught
    with your hand in the Devil's Pocket
    trying to steal a locket
    you dirty little snot... more »

  • Dead Inside

    i once was alive inside
    walking freely
    but now i am cold
    nothing but a ghost... more »

  • Death

    he's always there
    right behind you
    you think he's a burden
    but he's their to help... more »

  • Death Is A Token

    ... more »

  • Drained Dry

    As the Tombstones dance
    and the graves shake
    the willow wind blows
    and the valley screams... more »

  • Dying Is Living

    dying is living
    but living is something else
    you are only free when you die
    that is why you start to really live when you die... more »

  • Falling Apart

    falling apart is a cycle
    one we must all follow
    tearing at the seams
    seeing that we are all hollow... more »

  • Fire

    ... more »

  • From Within

    I was walking down the stairs
    one sunny day
    thinking bout a girl
    I slipped and said 'I love her'... more »

  • Gambling With Fate

    will you take a seat
    to gamble with fate
    will you try your luck
    to gamble with fate... more »

  • Hidden In The Dark

    hidden in the dark
    you are not seen
    like a fox
    you are keen... more »

  • Hunted

    Down the wind blows
    Down falls the sky
    two yellow eyes
    in the dark It hides... more »

  • I Am A Devil

    kill me as fast as you can,
    i am a devil,
    i am bloodthirst
    my evil you shall revel... more »

  • I Am A Monster

    there is a fog in my eyes
    colored red by my lust
    clouding my mind
    and desroying my trust... more »

  • I Am Lost

    i am lost in a world that i dont understand
    i am lost in a world full of pain
    lost in a world full of hate
    i need a way... more »

  • I Am Love

    ... more »