• Patience

    The eyes know every lie,
    they see through your guy,
    you know you should be with me,
    just look into these eyes and you'll see,... more »

  • Please God

    'Please God'
    I know this girl with a smile,
    I've known her for a long while.
    I can't keep my feelings locked inside,... more »

  • Pretty Girls Are Poison

    Terrible mind sings a song of love
    I miss those blissful memories
    and all those tragic love song melodies
    I drink away my last regrets... more »

  • Stary Nights

    Nights are made of dreams and stars,
    memories that last because you didn't go to the bar.
    Smiles make men weak,
    and for you its an easy feat.... more »

  • The Last Letter

    This tainted heart is breaking,
    and your always making...your lies into what I'm suppose to believe,
    is there ever relief?
    I'm sick of looking at your face,... more »

  • Tragedy

    This pain in my heart grows by the hour,
    I thought I had finally found that perfect flower,
    She made me smile everytime she came near,
    but her strength was lacking,... more »

  • Twisted Smile

    This world is crumbling before my eyes
    There's no place to run and no place to hide
    You going to die in this cave of your mind
    Don't worry, I'll make sure to leave you behind... more »

  • Voices And Memories

    'Voices and Memories'
    I hear the voices inside of my head,
    whispering to me,
    as I lay in my bed.... more »