• Abandoned Us

    Women have abandoned womanhood.
    But nobody can talk about it.
    You were the glue that grounded us in these four walls.
    That kept us sane.... more »

  • Alone Now

    I am alone.
    Like really really alone.
    No female to bring me a drink.
    Or tell me I'm doing good.... more »

  • Battlefield Earth

    Tired of being weighed down in this spiritually exhausting place forced to keep this plastered smile upon my face.

    I don't want to be here.... more »

  • Complexity

    The only way to understand a man's complexity
    Is to read his poems
    Is to study his books
    And to live with him... more »

  • Entagled

    I'm entangled
    Like a jungle
    Like a maze
    Daring to find my way out... more »

  • Everyone's Trying To Escape The Village

    Everyone's trying to escape the village.
    Yet I'm thinking I should return
    And seeing the same faces every day.
    The same people.... more »

  • Everything I Can

    This is a different world
    This is a different place
    Am I the only one who feels it?
    Crept in over the centuries... more »

  • Floating...

    Lost in the archives of self
    Recording history
    Through a flawed mind
    Tainted by... more »

  • Getting Closer

    I'm getting closer
    In a prophets community
    There are no lights
    Or so I thought... more »

  • In India

    If that's what you would call it
    The only word constantly repeating... more »

  • Open Air Seat

    Something about sitting in church
    Something about sitting in a chair
    Doesn't sit right with me...
    I think we should be sitting on the broken edge of some brick... more »

  • Simple Stride

    Let's fall in love.
    Me for you.
    And you for me.... more »

  • Some Man's Song

    Go to work, pride, come home, hide.
    Go to work, pride, come home, hide.
    Go to work, pride, come home, hide.
    Go to work, pride, come home, hide.... more »

  • The Mark Of The Beast (Peace And Safety)

    The end times are here
    Be of good cheer, for the Lord has brought you here.
    There’s only one path to peace
    There’s only one path to security... more »

  • The Simpler The Better

    As if life couldn't get much harder
    it always does
    Simpler the Better
    would probably be best... more »

  • Whale Man

    Try having no one
    Try submerging yourself
    Not coming up for breath
    For hours at a time... more »

  • Zombified

    I'm a zombie
    In a live man's body
    Looking out
    Reeled up.... more »