BS Brandon Smith November 15th,1988

Well, there's not much to say, really. I've always been an easygoing person, whether it was beneficial or not. I've always enjoyed helping people when I could, and never really asked for anything in return. I've been on the streets, and living the streetlife for over six years now, but it's normal to me. Having just about nothing, I've realized that things won't always be handed to you. I've always taken things for granted, like housing, food, and even water. You won't always have it. Living on the streets since thirteen, I've learned how to take care of myself, and manage my own life. Some would say I've given up. I haven't. I always try to do as best as I can, but sometimes even that's not enough. I don't let anything hold me back now, and I just keep pushing. My motivation, and reasoning behind writing the poetry I do, is because I want other troubled teenagers, and people who think they're alone in realize something. You're never alone in life. You always have somebody who knows how you feel, or what you're going through. Just keep in mind, you're not the only one. Keep fighting, and don't give up. Hence my quote.
'Live life like a river. Go where it takes you and never look back.' Yes, I live by the quote, and it's a great one to live by. Enjoy my poems, if you read them!




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