• A Bumblebee And A Butterfly

    A butterfly and a bumblebee.
    One we hate and the other we adore
    But why do we judge based on their appearances alone
    Does the bee not pollinate the flowers as well... more »

  • A New World

    I dream of a world were peace exist.
    Where pain and worry can be left behind
    A world in which all is well and sadness has no place to dwell
    A world where flowers bloom and waters sparkle... more »

  • Complete

    I was lost and confused
    Just getting out of something I knew was never going to happen
    I was hurt and damaged
    You didn't know this but... more »

  • Lost

    Thrown aside by the foolishness we bring
    Taken for granted never will we know
    The beauty of friends like rainbows in spring
    Instead we let it to dissolve like winter snow... more »

  • Societies Eyes

    Why must we change to fit society?
    Why is that picture of perfect body stuck in our heads?
    Why do believe we are not god enough?
    Do not believe the things you see. You are perfect in every way... more »

  • The Windowsill

    I used to dream from a windowsill
    Of fairies and dragons and sailing the sea.
    On the windowsill I could be anything, as long as I just believed
    I would soar with Peter Pan so high... more »