• '4' Seconds

    It's hard to define.
    The meaning, of time.
    A moment, 'from the divine.'
    Miracles, seen by the eyes.... more »

  • 'Freedom'

    Pink, purple, yellow, green.

    If race is about color, 'what color is greed? '... more »

  • 'Reborn'

    'When' the tears fall, down from your face.
    'Like, the blood of Christ, ' the day ‎God‬ was crusified.
    When, you feel numb.
    But, 'The pain is still there.'... more »

  • 'The Catalyst'

    I want you to 'feel me.'
    On a different level of reality.
    A different perception, without deception.... more »

  • 'Word(Z) '

    Like, fruit.
    'For: soul.'
    Bells toll.... more »