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Amazing Girl

Just always thinking we would be friends
Plans always seem to change in the end
Thinking of you day and night
Hopefully you will always be my girl that’s right... more »

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Tiffany Dusenbery 01 Dec 2016 06:56
Bdn 12/01/16 I love your poem I love poetry You are amazing i would have never guessed you to be 24. I will never understand why you felt the need to lie to me about your age if you had no feelings for me & no plans to continue seeing me after our release. Btw why did you tell me you were going to KC, MO to your moms for 2-3weeks after you got an OR on the 9th? When you already told me you are from Pella, Iowa? For not lying Braydon Pam & the other jailers loved telling you to lie to me. Well guess what I fell for you hard & I can not help how I feel.I miss you so much 💞 Tdd