Well I started writing poetry when I was in the sixth grade. It was kind of diffucult at first but once you get the hang of it the words come naturally. I really like poetry because it's a way I can express myself without the person i'm talking about knowing i'm talking about them. The girl was in my class in sixth grade and some people said she like me but I never built up the nerve to ask her out so I really don't know if she liked me I know I will find out one day though and when I do I well let you all know in a poem


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Am I mad with myself
Mad at world
Or am I mad at this girl
She took my heart... more »


Killers and drug dealers roam the streets at night
Some of the police don’t even put up a fight
This really makes me mad and I will tell you why
They killing people and that isn’t right... more »

This Girl

This girl at my new school is so beautiful to me
She make my life worth living and with out her im not complete... more »

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