• Abduction

    She ordered from the menu
    Everything within you
    She sat and sipped on her drink
    It burned her tongue and she couldn’t think... more »

  • Anorexia

    Day one without eating
    My body has taken a beating
    My stomach is on fire
    Food is my only desire... more »

  • Arent You Going To Miss Me?

    Arent you going to miss me?
    There will be no more we.
    Arent you going to miss us?
    Even though we fuss.... more »

  • Athlete

    He punches the bag like its full of air
    He doesn't stop, he doesn't dare
    He shakes his hand, its only fair
    He pushes the instructor, eyes in a glare... more »

  • Because

    I write because I cant read
    I fight because I dont bleed
    I light because I want weed
    I bite because I have greed... more »

  • Desert

    There are buzzards on the window
    Where did the sun go?
    The harsh sun shines down
    Wind blows in this silent town... more »

  • Fearing Corruption

    I lay under the sun in order to tan
    I drink Mountain Dew from a can
    If I ever knew trouble I never ran
    It is my nature to ignore lecture... more »

  • Figuring Out Nothing

    They argued and they fought
    But the Gods couldnt come to common thought
    So how am I to solve my mind?
    When complications are of the same kind... more »

  • Free From My Father

    I have happiness in me
    Soon I will be free
    You will no longer restrict me
    You will no longer control me... more »

  • Freewrite

    Freewrite when there is something to say
    Free nothing when there is something to pay
    Freedom exists when the chains go away
    Free flowers grow when April turns to May... more »

  • Great Father

    Other than the times you have hit me
    Other than making me feel like a nuisance
    Other than calling me countless names
    Other than treating me like a know nothing... more »

  • Hidden Under My Smile

    Hidden under the smile on my face
    There is a sad and lonely place
    Where I dream of loves grace
    And the end of this race... more »

  • Highschool Friendships

    High school friendships rarely last
    Eventually school becomes a blurry past
    As we get caught up in our lives
    Forget to be good husbands and wives... more »

  • In 500 Years

    In 500 years
    I would cry a million tears
    In 500 years
    I could face all my fears... more »

  • List Poem, Liquid

    Water. Trickle. Aqua. Fill.
    Rain. Drop. Fall. Mop.
    Spray. Run. Stop. Done.
    Pour. Sweat. Drip. Wet.... more »

  • Lucid Forever

    Three different thoughts cloud my mind
    Three different hearts take over mine
    Three different colored lights shine
    All these different things combined... more »

  • Moving Out

    At the grocery store my mom and me
    I tell her when Im seventeen Im free
    She tells me its a mistake
    And her heart breaks... more »

  • My Biggest Fan

    My biggest fan respects my personality
    He always thanks, congratulates, and praises me
    My biggest fan is the greatest man
    Knowledgeable and thoughtful he always has a plan... more »

  • Probably Messed Up Pantoum

    We can work it out
    Please don’t shout
    Maybe its not meant to be
    You’re everything to me... more »

  • Repetitive Perhaps Rap

    Perhaps ill take a nap
    After that frozen coffee frap
    Perhaps ill read the map
    That sits and crinkles in my lap... more »

  • Rhetorical Question

    Who do you think you are?
    You think you’re a shooting star,
    You think you’re going to go far,
    You think you cant scar,... more »

  • Running

    Following the path through the wet trees that are glistening
    The wind begins to blow, so I stop myself and im listening
    They tell me to slow down, that im moving too fast
    I looked back at all I had blown past... more »

  • Situation Isolation

    If you see them say that I am sorry.
    If you see them say that I regret any harm I've caused,
    That I truly care about them,
    And that a part of me will always miss a part of them.... more »

  • Spray It Freewrite

    Freewrite on these buildings walls
    Spray paint like Niagra's water falls
    This is our city, our land, our town
    Let our freedom of sharing be unbound... more »

  • Stoned

    Bottled hydration in the bag
    Eye lids start to sag
    Hair in face
    Mind in space... more »