I am just a 22 year old girl for Pennsylvania who has dealt with way too much pain in her life. Writing is the only way I can see to release any of my pain. Most of my poems are written for my Fiancee, He passed away a year and almost 6 months ago. This is just a way for me to let out some of my feelings.


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Untitled (I Miss You)

I miss you more and more every day
I still don't understand why you went away
What did I do or say,
To make you feel there was no other way?... more »


Although we are seperated by boundries we can't overcome,
I will always be yours,
Although you are no longer here with me,
I still feel your love for me... more »


Ever since you've gone away,
My tears have been here to stay.
How do i get over my greatest love?
How do i give my heart a shove?... more »

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