• Away

    Ever since you've gone away,
    My tears have been here to stay.
    How do i get over my greatest love?
    How do i give my heart a shove?... more »

  • Damaged Heart

    'My life is nothing without you,
    So I'll tell you what I plan to do
    My life will end at midnight,
    Without any fear of the light... more »

  • How Do You?

    How do you say goodbye,
    When you don't know why?
    How do you go on,
    When the one you love is gone?... more »

  • My Love

    My love is unconditional,
    My love is true,
    My love is yours and yours alone,
    So why can't you find your way home?... more »

  • Seperated

    Although we are seperated by boundries we can't overcome,
    I will always be yours,
    Although you are no longer here with me,
    I still feel your love for me... more »

  • Stay

    I still can't believe you're really gone.
    It feels like it's been so long.
    I miss you more with each passing day,
    I wonder why you couldn't stay?... more »

  • Untitled (Broken Hearted)

    You left this world without a warning,
    And all of the sudden I was in mourning.
    I thought we would never be apart,
    And now I'm left with a broken heart.... more »

  • Untitled (I Miss You)

    I miss you more and more every day
    I still don't understand why you went away
    What did I do or say,
    To make you feel there was no other way?... more »