Brendan Gamble Poems

The Pink Kangaroo

The pink kangaroo only had 3 wheels,
Not a huge problem unless going downhill,
The pygmy was carrying his bananas down the hill
When he saw the kangaroo behind him... more »

The Aardvark And The Parsnip

“Why aardvark? ” inquired the parsnip
The aardvark paused in his digging to consider this.
“It doesn’t seem to sum you up very well”,
This irritated the aardvark... more »

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Eric Kozlik 16 Apr 2007 12:00
I really appreciate the randomness of your poems, but more importantly, that you take the randomness and tie everything together. The way that you say things is unquestionable-your poetry is truth. Keep turning them out, you have great talent.