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Give me a spoon and i shall eat ice cream! hell, give me ice cream, and i'll eat it, spoon or not! !
what does 'Attribution' have to do with my quote? there is another quote for you!

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Ok! it is now March 23,2017 and i am STILL ALIVE! Way to go, Bri! ! but....FLASH! my real name (no lie) is Brian Edward Whitaker, BUT if you use this information in a cruel or dishonest way, i shall hunt you down and tickle you mercilessly! especially if you are a broad! > > > > > > > >
Brian 50 years ago was and now is the man who in a difficult situation will help out of trouble. He is a gallant gentleman and partner. He's the one of whom they say “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” No matter how busy he is, he never stands halfway. I am the one without whose help my poems would be colorless. Thank you, dear Poet.
The first of my teachers was much older than me, he was unfriendly. The last of my teachers is younger than me, he is truly friendly. And do you know who is the teacher among all my friends? Who else he can be, he is Bri Edwards.
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