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About Me: [edited November 1,2014] [and edited some in 2017 and Feb.2020]

[[ 2020: i seem to have two bios on PH and the other starts by saying i'm a Jokester; i use a lot of humor/humour, AND i sometimes " LIE" in messages to members, hoping they will always realize i am NOT meaning to be truthful.

BUT i believe some members misunderstand my 'humor' lying and this can cause problems for them and ME! AND i feel some members, in turn, have begun to " lie" to me, such that i don't always know what to believe in THEIR messages to ME! ! ! : ]]

Ok! it is now March 23,2017 and i am STILL ALIVE! Way to go, Bri! ! but....FLASH! my real name no lie is Brian Edward Whitaker, BUT if you use this information in a cruel or dishonest way, i shall hunt you down and tickle you mercilessly! especially if you are a broad!

PH seems to leave the apostrophes out of my bio, so i have replaced them; maybe they will stick now? I think one of my high school English teachers gave me the only D I ever got on a postcard [gee, over a year after writing this bio i went to edit it and found that i wrote postcard instead of the correct word s : 'report card'; i guess that is what happens to a retired U.S.postal worker! ] Proofreading does make a difference! That was my LOW mark! Just so ya know, ya know? But who's counting?
I was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam conflict/war after i quit college my senior year. Ive been a delivery truck driver, a day laborer, a hospital aide, an operating room technician, and last, but not least, a USPS window clerk, now retired. PLEASE buy stamps etc.

I have one child and have been a good husband................four times. Yikes! I enjoy birdwatching, walking, talking, being a pain to my wife not really , and writing poetry. Most of my poems have been written since I retired in 2004.
PoemHunter is great! not perfect, but who/what is? i have moved to near eureka california. i am still married! i have become a grandfather, though i don't consider it a big deal.
a friend recently asked if a poem i had sent to her was pentameter. hmm? i looked it up. something to do with arrangements of words in poetry. i told her i usually just write what sounds good to me. hopefully some of it sounds good to the readers!
in my list of poems i give, for each poem, a title, and i follow the title with some clues [in brackets] about the poem's content and length. at least that is how my more recently-submitted poems are listed. this is to aid readers in picking something they might enjoy, or at least not hate. in most of my poems i try to be funny, at least a little bit! i also have very serious poems. some are VERY long but not TOO long , and those sometimes deal with serious subjects of human behavior/ behaviour for some of my overseas friends and experiences. they may take ten minutes or more to read? , but hopefully some will read and enjoy them.
i almost always use rhymes. maybe that will make up for my lack of seriousness, romanticism, and attention to confining-patterns such as in pentameters! .

i will be challenged if anyone would like to suggest a topic or title for a poem. i wrote one for an ex-wife's boyfriend once a valentines day poem; i did have to ask her to tell me something about their relationship/him, in order to write something personalized and somewhat truthful . feel free to ask.
my PH fried, Brian Johnston, has been running a monthly for a few months so far poetry writing contest 'Challenge' in which he challenges all members to submit a poem using a title he has chosen. he makes up a 'poem title' referring to the month and year and the word 'Challenge'.

[[ Feb.2020: B. Johnston quit doing " Challenges" and i took over, and within a year or so i changed the name of the usually-monthly event to " Showcase" , changing it to a display of poems i've enjoyed on PH and no longer making it a contest nor requiring a special title or subject for displayed poems. A few months ago, i again changed to calling the events " Lists" , usually just giving author names and titles of poems.]]

i also have a habit at times of correcting or suggesting or questioning poets in my comments about their poem s . most poets on PH have accepted this without complaint. [maybe they HAD a complaint, but they did not tell ME.] some have even thanked me! a few have requested that i send less-than-flattering comments to them directly as messages so other readers will not see them. fine with me, if i am asked to do that and remember.
i am NOT a man of few words, as you may be able to assume by the length of this.
please feel free to suggest i read one a particular one of YOUR poems. i will try to accommodate you, but please proofread the poem at LEAST once first, and don't feel i'm being mean if i don't praise it.
some of my poems deal in part at least with my feeling that i have lived long enough 66 years and am ready to go to the next step, which to me is dirt. i am an agnostic/atheist which also shows up in some of my poems. the photo of me on PH is really me and, yes, i am eating pizza, a rare treat for me. have a nice time on PoemHunter! bri:

i just reread the instructions for what to write my bio. it says write down a brief note, but it also says there are no limitations for this text, SO i guess i haven't broken the rules with my wordiness!
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some suggested SHORT POEMS by me:

[Humor] Speak To Me, Moon..... [Speaking To The Moon; Fantasy; Humor; Very SHORT] 3/28/2014

A Father's Toast At His Gay Son's Wedding Reception..... [Same-sex marriage; Humour/HUMOR; Johnny Cash song/Sheldon Silverstein poem; SHORT]

Won't You Be My Poemhunter-Valentine? ? ...... [my silly VERY SHORT valentine wish] 2/12/2014

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some suggested MEDIUM POEMS by me:

Mary's Pet....[Humor; Human nature; Pets; Scary? ; Grade school] 11/21/2012

Bye-bye Jimmy.....[Nature observations; Death; Personal] 10/29/2012

Holes I've Known....... [Holes, of course! ; HUMOR/humour; MEDIUM length] 6/17/2014

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some suggested LONG POEMS by me:

[Jake's] Christmas Eve.....[Exploration; Food Gathering; Fatherhood; Santa; Rat; LONG; Humor] 12/15/2012

'6 Foot 3'......[LONG; Scary; Gross; Murder] 11/18/2012

When The Carousel Animals Got Loose.....[LONG; Humor; Fantasy; Adventure] 8/9/2012

Creation maybe not what you think ......[Girl-to-woman; Baby-making; LONG; Relationships] 12/15/2012

Finding Oneself......... [EXTREMELY LONG; Growing Up; Relationships; Humour/Humor] reviewed 12/1/2012

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Give me a spoon and i shall eat ice cream! hell, give me ice cream, and i'll eat it, spoon or not! !
what does 'Attribution' have to do with my quote? there is another quote for you!

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Hello Bri your silence is causing concern to all. I hope and pray that all is well with you. Just noticed your # 445 rating on top 500. poets. Congratulations! Your use of humor and wits in poetry have contributed so much to this site.
Hi, Brian. You disappeared from sight. It bothers me and others. Let us know that you are alive and well. In Russia, we stay at home because of the coronavirus. But we are not forbidden to communicate. Don't be a stranger. I am sorry, if you are not allowed to use your car to get to the library.
Hi Bri Please post some comments.Request to all poets to post either poems or comments , so that we can know one anothers' situation.Hope all are fine..