• And By and By

    A second bird somewhere he said undid the doom,
    but I never saw either. On we walked. Women feel... more »

  • Eclogue in Line to View The Clock by Christian Marclay

    Okay, but now imagine someone,
    one of fifty, say, in the queue, fiftieth first
    and advancing little, somewhere within
    the seventy-two-hour window of efficacy... more »

  • In Their Motions

    At an intersection of lanes within a cemetery,
    a corner quartered, a cardinal quad, a cross, from
    above, the one star in the gloaming... more »

  • Man Roulette

    What booth is this? The last was a plastic gallows.
    In the teach me to kiss booth, you paid your dollar
    to promote, when prompted, a theory. Advised me about
    standing close and touching him who might next enter... more »

  • Riparian Arizona

    In areas, yes,
    old surprise
    cottonwoods rich with beetle-secrecy,... more »

  • The History of Ideas, 1973-2012: Authority

    Where the correlative of reason was conviction and where the correlative
    of power was obedience, the correlative of authority was trust

    Your job—she gives another to the child... more »