• Caged Heart

    The bars that cage my heart,
    Each made of hatred, s fire
    That burns out the light
    Of love and days of might.... more »

  • I Promise

    This is my promise to you, my love-
    I promise you my heart and
    The sun in the mighty heavens above.
    This promise you must understand... more »

  • Pain

    In a life that comes from
    Darkness- I have already come
    This far unscathed- but
    Already I have been torn and cut.... more »

  • Sign

    There is a sign on my back
    And this is what it says,
    Though I did not write it in vain,
    Pull this silver chain... more »

  • To Someone I Love

    She is my love
    And she owns my heart, while she
    Reminds me of an angel from above.
    And I am only... more »

  • When Death Comes

    When death comes,
    This is what I will say,
    Take my life now
    'Cause I will not bow... more »