I was born december 8,1989 at parkland hospital in Dallas Texas. My father, David Holmes was a mechanic, my mother, Melody Holmes was a stay at home mom. I was the middle child of two onry brothers, Jessie Dale Cashion(eldest) and Jeffrey Wayne Holmes, my little bro. As far back as elementry school I have ejoyed writing. One of my teachers actually turned me on to poetry by reading poems in class. It wasn't until my grandfather passed away in 2003, however that I began writing poetry for myself. Most of my poems came to me in times of great sorrow.


Brian David Holmes Poems

A Breath Of Spring

It was in the months of spring,
when blossoms bloom, and sparrows sing
when I first tasted her sweet lips
and knew the warmth of that first kiss... more »

Alcoholic Notes

This young man is tired of pain,
of living life full of shame
minutes of hurt,
hours of despair,... more »

The Richer Man

There is the man whose fought all his life,
who dished out his pain, but left some inside
he's got all the money, fancy cars, and nice clothes
but the thing you don't see is the pain he won't show... more »

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