• A Breath Of Spring

    It was in the months of spring,
    when blossoms bloom, and sparrows sing
    when I first tasted her sweet lips
    and knew the warmth of that first kiss... more »

  • Alcoholic Notes

    This young man is tired of pain,
    of living life full of shame
    minutes of hurt,
    hours of despair,... more »

  • Among Your Absence

    As I watched you sit their in pain,
    God called his angels to your side
    and as they lifted your soul into heaven
    I sat back and I cried... more »

  • Loves Elegy

    The lonliness of a heart can be a powerful thing
    It can devour the strongest man,
    bring down the empires of a king
    like the little bluebird whose lost his will for flight... more »

  • That Monster

    I am that monster,
    hiding in the dark,
    I am that thing,
    without a loving heart,... more »

  • The Richer Man

    There is the man whose fought all his life,
    who dished out his pain, but left some inside
    he's got all the money, fancy cars, and nice clothes
    but the thing you don't see is the pain he won't show... more »