• Deadly Assasin.

    Day turns into night,
    Here I come,
    Just a bit out of sight,
    The wind is swishing like a ship bottom.... more »

  • Death

    He had eyes of steel,
    His gun was aimed upon my head,
    I didn't know what to feel,
    Next thing I knew I was dead.... more »

  • Fallen Angel

    It was a dark night,
    I was up above,
    Looking about left and right,
    Flying swiftly like a dove.... more »

  • My Life

    My life is so unique,
    I was so young and very weak,
    My mum says i was a charm,
    To cheer me up during the self harm,... more »

  • Nervous.

    The sound of the drums,
    To the beating of my heart,
    The twiddling of my thumbs,
    I was no Lionhart.... more »

  • The Girl I Once Knew

    The girl I once knew was kind,
    But was so addicted to meth,
    The girl I knew she always whined,
    Until her early death,... more »

  • The Worst

    He was the worst,
    A mind controlling freak with a thirst for blood,
    He never thirst,
    After all who does after merely kicking his baby into the mud.... more »