• Sainted Sinner

    Saints or sinners
    all blurred lines.
    I feel the scream
    boiling inside.... more »

  • Sally

    I gave you it all,
    you gave nothing in return.
    Put down the drink, Sally,
    and talk to me.... more »

  • Say You Don'T Love Me (And I Will Show You A Lie)

    You confuse me, muse,
    and in your confusion I swim.
    Do you want me to love you,
    or leave you be?... more »

  • Shattered

    My porcelain form,
    shining majestically
    in the refracted light,
    glows with serenity.... more »

  • She's A Tragic State

    She's a tragic state,
    seeing shadows behind every compliment.
    Armor of hurt and betrayal gird her,
    impenetrable by the sincerest of men.... more »

  • Shindig (We Just Love Having Fun)

    Bring everything not bolted down,
    including the kitchen sink.
    Bring your friends and family,
    let’s start this shindig right.... more »

  • Sin Nostri Proditor

    Bloody chains of fearful reactions,
    caught sickening in the soft flesh of reason.
    Instant anger, hot and sharp, digging deep,
    reason, cool and serene, cries out as it dies.... more »

  • Sinking

    Air fades,
    only darkness remains.
    Watching light fade above,
    Sinking.... more »

  • Social Butterfly

    Always watching,
    I conceal a smile.
    You drift around,
    a butterfly in a garden.... more »

  • Song Mash 2

    You’re home and I am here alone, my dear.
    Always stupidly sarcastic,
    my hyper spastic superhero girl.
    My love must be a kind of blind love,... more »

  • Songbird

    Her voice
    cuts like glass.
    Striking my heart,
    I fall in instant love.... more »

  • Sonic Boom And Glowing Firefly (A Love Story)

    Sonic Boom and
    Glowing Firefly.
    They lived together once,
    forsaken lovers in a troubled time.... more »

  • Spineless

    I sit back
    slowly drinking my coffee.
    I watch the people
    go to and fro.... more »

  • Spring Of Life Renewed

    Where does life turn,
    taking you where time moves out of control?
    Broken and bleeding, life begs to be saved -
    and only the scorn of the world answers back.... more »

  • Star-Crossed

    He leans into her
    only to find she's gone.
    His heart falls
    shattering on the cold ground.... more »

  • Storms And Stones

    I gave everything
    for one smile.
    I tried so hard,
    you never moved.... more »

  • Story Of A Girl (From Her Eyes)

    Eyes of fire
    scorching my soul.
    You look not at me,
    but through me.... more »

  • Super Killer Gigantic Robot (You'Re My Only Friend)

    built him in the yard,
    constructing him out of steel and love.
    Wires connect to circuits and panels run to plugs,
    this super killer gigantic robot is my only friend.... more »

  • Supernova

    Bang open the door,
    feel the quiver of my heart.
    Tear my eyes from yours
    and let lust enter me.... more »

  • Swarm

    A Nazi covered in bee's,
    you are a joke.
    Of all the villains Spiderman fought,
    you can be defeated by RAID.... more »

  • The End Of Days

    When fire consumes
    all my life's work;
    when bitter cold
    buries all my memories.... more »

  • The Girl That I Adore

    You are the girl I adore,
    even though I am far from shore.
    Moving the oceans to see
    your holy ground once more.... more »

  • The Murder Of Hope

    Step on it good and hard,
    make sure it is dead.
    Hope under heel,
    grinding into powder.... more »

  • The Place Where I Am

    The velvet cover of night
    slides across the sky.
    My phone rings
    and time slows to a crawl.... more »

  • The Seasons Of The Games We Play

    The games we play keep us occupied,
    winding down the year without our notice.
    Under the sugary-scented tree we meet,
    a single kiss among the falling petals.... more »