• Before I Go

    Before I go,
    I will dine and wine with kings,
    I will eat from the platter of beggars
    I will live in the presence of elite beings... more »

  • Black Lamb

    My town.
    The place I have called home since birth.
    The place I solemnly destroy
    The place they say I betray.... more »

  • But I Took The Pills

    They lie naked on the bed
    Lazily turning as they watch the smoke drift upwards.
    The room is stuffy
    Curtains drawn... more »

  • She Is Loved

    SHE is loved.
    The way he gazes at her
    His lingering smiles
    His unnecessary glances... more »

  • The Meeting

    I brace myself against the winds.
    It’s a cold night
    And Time seems to be frozen.
    I pace around trying not to think too much.... more »

  • The New Age

    The New Age.

    Welcome to the new age
    Where respect is not accorded with age,... more »