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I've always remembered this line, can't catch a butterfly with a sledge hammer, so true. I gave up trying and it worked.
Hi Brian, I was just thinking what your current thoughts are on one of your poems called Looking Back at It and if there was any lessons learnt from when you first wrote it? wishes TA
Hi, I am doing one of your poems for my drama exam, it is... A SMALL DRAGON. I really like this poem
Please can I have the answer today as I need it for homework
What is the figurative language used in this poem
I always liked your poem, 'Going to dinner' but can't find it on this website. Thanks. Phil W
Dear Brian, Your poem, Nothing is Ever As You Want it to Be, is brilliant! Thanks. Paul Sebastan
Dear Brian, How very nice to write to you and I remember that I was intyroduced to your poems when I was in Cambridge and I bought the little book which has great poems. I feel when read your poems, I feel the depth of feeling that I cannot fathom. I read YOU POEM Room which says: Room you're toneless now, Room you do'nt belong to me I want another room I want one without your tattymemories. Loads of Great wishes Shatha Alsaadi
I believe we all have shared an emotion that Sir Patten has told. If we just admit it!
I read poems by Brian Patten in serbian. They were brilliantly translated into serbian by writer David Albahari. My favorite poem is No taxi available. Can anybody post that poem here or give me a link to it. I would love to have that poem as original in english.
There should be a law that states every human being should have to read at least one Brian Patten poem in their lifetime. Each piece is a gem all of its own. His writing is direct, funny, sad, beautiful and heartwarming, sometimes all at the same time. Never pretentious, always readable - to me, this is poetry at its best. Hugs Anna xxx
I read and re read Brian Pattens work (this is just a tiny sample) and the sheer delight never fades. His poetry and stories for children are worth seeking out, if you haven't any children, borrow a class from your local school, just for the pleasure of reading the poems aloud and watching the faces shine.
Hi, could anyone tell me the name of Brian Patten's poem containing the lines 'speaking that our words may bend grasses making paths both simple and beautiful' Thanks, Andy -