• Agnostic Prayers

    Every night I pray.
    Still agnostic
    I pray any way.
    Request on divinities desk... more »

  • Arise Pheonix

    Stay alive
    The light dims... more »

  • Beauty Amongst Beast

    Even heaven surrenders to beauty among beast
    Senseless eyes see the sparkle of primal admiration
    Catching spectators even if wet dog $h! + glistened and shined to sun light.... more »

  • Beyond My Desk

    Long black hair
    She drives me crazy with that ponytail
    It swings left, then right, and sways like a hidden breeze
    Teasing me as she’s looking my way from the corner of her eye... more »

  • Breathe

    I have never met you yet I mourn your sorrows
    Tears run down my cheeks as every line of your letter shreds at my being.... more »

  • Dont Wake For Me

    Forgive my bedside manner.
    You sleep but I can’t help but stair.
    Hoping I can manipulate your dreams with whispers
    I could never say to your open eyes.... more »

  • Drive Way

    Black, white, brown, silver, blue, red;
    They all pass me by as I sit on the tail gate of my fathers pickup truck.
    I stare at the road aimlessly thinking of which way to run
    as the mountains call out my name in a passing breeze.... more »

  • Heart Break Angel

    It tore me up the most that you never said good bye
    I lie here thinking is it better just to die
    Hart caught in a struggle like a bubble trying to fly
    Cold words that I herd as if we didn’t coincide... more »

  • I Saw The Dragon On His Arm

    I saw the dragon on his arm
    Stunning bright colors of traditional Japanese ink work
    A man with no past but many stories on his face reveals no words
    Every wrinkle ran like canals of sweat, hair, and focus... more »

  • Last Rose

    11 roses writing new rituals to the light of the rising sun.
    Left on a doorstep with a million questions on a clouded mind.
    A card reading no name, only words of poetry
    to purge a breath from a porcelain doll.... more »

  • Lay With You

    As I lay here
    Will you lay with me.
    Nonsexual embracing of shadowed walls
    blocking out the light of day unappreciated... more »

  • Losers Never Win

    Losers never win,
    dim lit existence
    showing up at heavens door
    banging daily yelling 'let me in',... more »

  • Love Letter 2003

    I tried to write a poem for you tonight
    To encapsulate the feelings of joy
    Elevated to heavens eyes
    Gazing into a windowsill... more »

  • Night's Eyes

    If the sky had eyes
    I wonder if it gazes me back
    through the black void,
    an infinite retina... more »

  • No Body Listens

    How would you like it if everyone ignored what you say?
    That’s how I spend my life, silent,80% of the day.
    Cuz even if I could speak up, my parents push me away,
    My friends couldn’t stay; cosinsins even look the other way.... more »

  • Not A Cindarella Story

    Our eyes connect
    through a sea of bouncing souls.
    Everyone fades from existence
    as she illuminates the room... more »

  • On Sight

    Sparkle……….. Sparkle……...
    I’m caught off guard by two streams of light
    piercing through my clouded thoughts.
    I remove the shades off my face... more »

  • Reminisce

    The perfect moment
    Is the perfect miss
    To end it all with
    Just a kiss.... more »

  • Self? ? ?

    I’m lost
    Lost in many faces and personas
    like totem poles filled with termites
    Which face is mine?... more »

  • Signing Soldiers

    Man and monster
    Prince and thief
    The Legion hear my call... more »

  • Soundtrack To My Life

    I near the end to the sound track of my life, so I hit repeat.
    I start a new, yet everything sounds vaguely familiar.
    The guitar solo seams never ending
    But soon the lyrics hit my ear drums like Cuban congos... more »

  • Spectrum Of You

    The blue sky contrasting the white clouds
    Creates the quintessential image of heavens layers.
    The green stems and the red roses
    brings passion to the greatest gestures of love.... more »

  • Tainted Hope

    Is it sane to miss the girl I never met.
    To dream her image and not regret,
    To die alone through blood and sweat,
    To sculpt the man she would accept,... more »

  • The Bed Of A Modern Man

    Where has the quiet gone?
    Aching for the mouths of bickering beast to swallow their own tongs.
    Envisioning the flames of crashing cars from drivers with no respect to the human foot.... more »

  • The Igorot In The Photo

    Flipping through photos of my first trip to the Philippines
    The igorrot catches my eye.
    The getup seen as a gimmick to faded colonial whiplash... more »