• As If She Wasnt

    And as if she wasn’t yours
    You shoved her out the door
    You made your rude remarks
    And said you didn’t care... more »

  • Crushed By Waves

    As i look out into the bay
    I notice the samething everyday
    the dolphins squeal
    that little fish's appeal... more »

  • I Thought

    I thought I could trust you
    But you proved I was wrong to
    I could run away
    And you would ask me to stay... more »

  • My Family

    My family always does well
    untill we find time to dwell
    then we alwyas scream and yell
    it seems like i have just fell... more »

  • That Day

    as the day went by
    i hoped i would die
    to see her smile
    if only for a while... more »

  • To Live

    To shed a single tear
    To always live in fear
    Hopes never falling
    But always crawling... more »

  • True Tears

    Its always amazing
    That a little water
    Can show so much emotion
    From joy to sorrow... more »

  • Waiting

    Today i am waiting
    So Strongley Anticipating
    Do you notice im fading
    Into the water im wading... more »