• All Alone

    Alone I live
    Alone I die
    Jumping off
    To touch the sky... more »

  • Beauty

    Beauty isn't the shape of your body
    Beauty isn't your eyes
    Beauty isn't the short dresses
    Beauty isn't a push up bra... more »

  • Does He Think Of Me

    Does he think of me?
    When he holds her hand
    When he brushes her hair back
    When he holds her at night... more »

  • Forgiveness

    Will you forgive
    All that I have done
    The cuts on my wrist
    My lust for a gun... more »

  • I Didnt Mean To

    Sorry Im here
    Ill be going soon
    But first I think you need
    need to know why Im doing it... more »

  • Im Not Her

    My wrists are like a canvas
    white and rough
    ready for the paint
    to cut itself up... more »

  • In My Head

    The demons in my head are quiet friendly now
    They talk to me about tall the things I like to talk about
    They tell me why he left and why he hurt
    They tell me why he loves her and why she's better... more »

  • Love Sick

    Thanks for watching
    watching my heart break
    all I needed was a hug
    not like it matters... more »

  • My Demons

    Cutting is an outlet
    a way to express myself
    it isn't for attention
    its to drag my demons out... more »

  • Not Meant To Be

    He is a cutter
    He is a lover
    He is my everything
    My knight in armor... more »

  • Sorry

    I messed up
    I made a mistake
    How many apologies
    Will it take... more »