• A Natural Feeling

    Yes, I know the routine
    Meet me here, or meet me there
    Anywhere you like
    We walk, and you take me by the hand... more »

  • A Troubled Reality

    I don't want to be here

    I know there's something better... more »

  • Addicted To Something

    I can't see straight. Nothing is clear.

    Absolutely nothing is making sense at the moment.... more »

  • Answer Me

    Entering into my mind

    When I close my eyes, you're all that I see... more »

  • Departed

    Taking a long deep breath, I realize it's over
    It's done
    You're gone
    Out of my life for good... more »

  • Forbidden Twisted Dream

    I said what I said, and I feel somewhat foolish for that.
    Do you see me? By chance, do you believe I'm invisible?
    To love you, breaks me each and everyday.
    I try to make you go away.... more »

  • Genevieve

    First things first... I'll always love you.

    So many days and nights I've thought about meeting you.
    There's not a day that goes by where I don't think about you.... more »

  • Goodbye

    Where are you? There's a wall preventing me from reaching you.
    Where are you? It's like you disappeared into a world of emptiness.
    Where are you? I want to be apart of your world, but you're no where to be found.... more »

  • I'M Listening

    Keeping to myself, I look up, and I know exactly where you are
    I don't have to look for you... more »

  • In Due Time

    There are times you love me like no other, and then you made me so afraid of you.

    There are times we had the greatest time of our life, but that soon ended when I saw another side of you; Vicious beast that's far from beauty.... more »

  • Magnet

    I can't put it into words
    It doesn't make sense
    One thing led to another
    Another thing led to something else... more »

  • Say Yes

    The countdown begins

    It's getting closer. The anticipation slowly rising deep from within. I feel your energy constantly burning.... more »

  • Sparks

    It awakened my soul.

    Fire running through my
    Veins.... more »

  • Summer's Night

    How I wish it could last

    How I wish you could stay... more »

  • The Key

    I look back and all I can see is what could be

    It constantly pulls me in. With every note, harmony, and melody.... more »

  • The Other Half

    Can you believe there was a time, I had second thoughts about meeting you?
    Would you be shocked if I told you perhaps meeting you may have been a mistake, or I may have regrets later?
    I can tell you in a heartbeat, that it was no mistake at all.... more »