• Offense

    ... more »

  • Once Upon A Time

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  • Little Miss Understood

    In silence did her mind despair
    In solitude did weep.
    Till time did every wound repair
    and rest her soul in sleep.... more »

  • Lovely

    There in your doorway, no shadow is cast
    No lingering voices, no ghosts from the past
    Just a cluster of walls, and a window of pain
    Collecting the heartache like droplets of rain... more »

  • Metaphor Of Butterflies

    The metaphor of butterflies;
    of metamorphosis,
    provides for me an alibi
    for life such as it is.... more »

  • Mosquito

    Deciding to feast on my dozing head
    Meant waking me up, and winding up dead
    My standard reaction when bit on the noggin'
    Is to retaliate with a vigorous flogging... more »

  • Never Meant To Be

    Softly as a gentle breeze,
    Love crept into my heart
    So softly I did not realize
    Until we came to part.... more »

  • Overcame

    I do see now what could have been
    But then things being as they were
    I never knew why or even when
    Passion ceased to stir... more »

  • Parent's Prayer

    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray my sanity to keep.
    For if some peace I do not find,
    I'm pretty sure I'll lose my mind.... more »

  • Passion And Pain

    It was you, you're the one who said to me it all has to end
    It was you, you're the one that said that we should be friends
    It was you who pulled the trigger, that led to my death
    The same you that if i had to i would have given my last breath... more »

  • Politically Correct

    She looks like a hooker, regular tart,
    Owes her face less to nature than cosmetic art.
    'Prostitute' or 'loose woman' are terms that might irk her,
    So in sanitized speech she's now called a sex worker.... more »

  • Prayers Of A Hypochondriac

    Dear Lord, we ask you if you will,
    put your blessing on this meal.
    We ask you Father, if it pleases,
    protect us from these new diseases.... more »

  • Purple Pill Palarver

    I take my little purple pills each morning and each night.
    My Doctor says I need them and he thinks that he is right.
    But I don't really think i need them I just wanted you to know
    I take 'em, 'cause I like 'em and they really make me go...... more »

  • Quote Me

    'Show me a world without you in it,
    and I'll show you a world I could
    never be a part of.'... more »

  • Reflections Of Reality

    When I see you
    You're never smiling.
    Talking to you
    I can tell you're lying.... more »

  • Regret Is A Bitch

    Regret had set them miles apart.
    the past, a present curse
    had etched itself upon the heart
    insipient, - perverse.... more »

  • Reliably Unreliable

    You were so reliably unreliable
    Your Excuses? Barely viable
    Your Betrayal? Incomparable
    Your Feelings? Interchangeable... more »

  • Road To Recovery

    Who ever thought I would be doing this after almost a year
    I have finally had more than enough, I've cried my last tear
    All I ever did was love you, it was all I ever wanted to do.
    I thought we'd make it last forever, together, Me and You.... more »

  • Shades Of Grey

    I’ve become weak
    Lost and alone.
    With tears of sulphur
    And a heart of stone.... more »

  • Some Poets

    Some poets pen Horatian odes,
    While others write in epic modes.
    Some love the rousing roundelay
    (Though most consider it passé) .... more »

  • Sotally Tober

    Starkle starkle little twink
    who the heck you are I think
    I'm not under what you call
    the alcofluence of incohol... more »

  • Soul Snatcher

    Dispersed in the fire
    My weary soul doth lie
    Smoldering in angry flames
    Waiting there to die... more »

  • Spell Check

    Eye halve a spelling chequer
    It came with my pea sea
    It plainly marques four my revue
    Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.... more »

  • State Of Mind

    I do not like my state of mind
    I'm bitter, querulous, unkind.
    I hate my legs, I hate my hands,
    I do not yearn for lovelier lands.... more »

  • Stupid Cupid

    All the love that history knows,
    Is said to be in every rose
    Yet all that could be found in two,
    Is less than what i feel for you... more »