• Borderless Love

    From India to Pakistan
    the governments may fail
    to unite to bring about order
    but my love, lets set sail... more »

  • Busybee...

    Busy working ant am I
    toiling through the night and day
    Listen to me clearly, I pray
    you will not be led astray!... more »

  • Coffee

    When you are run down
    when you are blue;
    What you need is coffee
    a hot aromatic brew;... more »

  • Deadline

    ... more »

  • Dissolved Into Eternity

    Consumed by a magical fire
    sizzling with lust
    tormented with passion
    drunken with love... more »

  • Dream In Eyes As Words Become

    When I see him by the bar

    twinkling eyes from lands afar,... more »

  • Drowzzeeee.... At The Lecture

    Weather in a lull
    cold and dull;
    my eyes feel heavy
    my lids about to close... more »

  • Energy

    Morning glory
    brisk and jolly - when the
    sun shining brightly
    birds singing gaily.... more »

  • I Know Not

    I question, I ponder

    I know not;... more »

  • I'M A Lovely Girl....In A Lovely World....

    Drifting mind
    dreamy eyes
    smiling lips
    A lovely girl I am!... more »

  • Just A Little

    When we meet,

    my heart beats a little faster.... more »

  • Just For You

    I toss and turn in my bed
    trying to push aside the bubbling yearning
    a silent want to feel your presence,
    your reassuring warmth beside me.... more »

  • Learning Curve

    Stealing glances
    Passion brimming
    Lips quivering
    We sit closer and closer... more »

  • Mirage

    Young lady in the crowd
    Glazed eyes on distant meadows
    The closer she comes, the farther it goes
    Melancholy in the heart... more »

  • Power Of Passion

    Gushing with energy
    Rushing through the fields
    Lashing out his whip
    Pushing through the wind.... more »

  • Stifled Anguish

    Clutching and grasping into amorphous darkness
    Randomly grappling for the elusive;
    Stale murkiness in the air - and then
    those elusive moments come by...... more »

  • The Question Of Outcome

    Would it or wouldn’t it?
    Does it or doesn’t it?
    There can be only one of the two outcomes.
    There always has been only one of the two outcomes.... more »

  • The Story Of A Table

    Once it was a tree
    swaying in a forest, alive and free;
    Today the tree is gone
    but the wood lives on.... more »

  • Thought Tributaries

    Fluff of thoughts
    formed at some random spots
    gather speed and energy
    create other rolling thoughts... more »

  • Tranquility

    Its not that we have much in common! ! !
    Yet, what's happening to me, my being?
    drawn into a trance;
    covered with pleasure;... more »

  • Wish I Were A Flower

    Wonderful flower in the garden
    A facet of nature's creative art
    Soft lovely petals
    Eye-catching colours... more »

  • Wrapped, Closed And Zipped

    Who on earth asked you to stray into my thoughts

    whoever beckoned you to wander into my dreams... more »