• About My Lover

    His love is like a hard rain
    It drenches me and soaks my skin
    I close my eyes and drink it in... more »

  • Cherry Wood

    Tree – beautiful cherry tree
    Oh, if you could speak to me
    Tell me your stories of days gone by... more »

  • Dear

    Hide my love
    and seek me
    Set a trap to
    capture my heart... more »

  • Everywhere

    Thru a frozen winter forest
    I followed a path to the
    beginning of the sea
    I was searching for solitude... more »

  • Misgivings

    I have shown you everything
    But still you cannot see me
    You think I’m blinded
    with infatuation... more »

  • Recital

    She was tangled in her lover’s words
    He always seemed to leave
    more questions than answers
    In her mind... more »

  • Sixteen Going On 21

    When we were young
    we wanted to belong
    to everything
    especially the streets... more »

  • Submission

    Your devotion
    strips me down and
    cleanses me
    Pull me to you... more »

  • Vivid

    She waits in the garden
    Bluebells and buttercups
    and catches dreams in
    cotton candy hair... more »

  • With You

    We made love
    And in my ecstasy
    I rode you like a Pegasus
    racing into a hot wet sky... more »