• I Love You

    I Love You...

    I will always love you,
    Even though are not here.... more »

  • Me And You

    Me and you

    I feel for you
    Like i feel for... more »

  • Monster!

    Monster, you were only 15 years old,
    You had so much to live for,
    Why did you have to go,
    None of us were ready to lose you,... more »

  • My Baby Girl

    To my baby girl...
    I'm always gonna love you.
    Your always gonna be mine,
    I don't wanna share you with anyone.... more »

  • My Sacred Place

    My Sacred Place Has No Name
    I Got There To Escape My Shame
    And My Sorrow For Tomorrow
    Which Is Just Like Any Other Day... more »

  • Next Time

    Next time you touch my girl...
    I promise i will kill you
    You have no reason to hurt her
    Who do you think you are... more »

  • R.I.P Shaunte' Renae Burns

    You may be gone
    But you will always
    Be in our hearts... more »

  • Weird Feeling

    I seem to get this weird feeling,
    It comes from somewhere inside.
    I become so hateful and angry,
    So i try to hide from everyone.... more »

  • You Came To Me

    You came to me one day
    You asked me to forgive you
    You said this would never happen again
    You said you would be a better person... more »

  • You Made Me This Way

    i can not focus
    cause i have so many thoughts and emotions
    running through my head
    and its all because of you... more »