• Him

    He is changed, he is gone… there is a too late.
    He could have stopped it but he let his spirit deteriorate.

    He hurts and his hurt reflects others, un-intentionally.... more »

  • Just Me

    Please no one envy me, no one should.
    Please don't want to be like me,
    thats not what you want.
    Maybe I am skinny, but I am no role model.... more »

  • My Life

    Where is my life going? And what’s my last, next, or only move?
    No matter what’s left to accomplish, you will still believe I have nothing to prove.

    You claim your actions are ones of emotion, yet the truth you should have spared.... more »

  • To Be A Marine

    To Be a Marine, what does that mean…?

    To be a marine; the strongest, most courageous and only a select few.
    But to everyone else we can only imagine all of the wonders they do.... more »

  • Values

    What if every time you messed up one of your friends had to die?
    Anytime you gossiped, drank, or told one little white lie.
    Is that what you want, is that the way life should be?
    You’ll regret it one day, I just wish you could see.... more »