• Admitting To Love

    The problem with telling someone you love them
    is the waiting to hear I love you back
    The silence and that emotional blank stare
    makes you want to take it all back... more »

  • Afflictions Of Love

    In hate will I care for you, for that’s all you asked of me
    In fear will I comfort you, no more tears will I shed for thy
    In pain will I smile at you, as if in lustful love
    In dreams I think of murdering you, for anguish and misery, scars and woe... more »

  • Butterfly

    It was just like a butterfly sitting on the windowsill looking in to the glass, watching the one inside hurt & cry. That’s how I felt, like a butterfly on the outside looking in, but the one who was hurt and crying was also me. The pain I had was unbearable and behind my deceiving wings, I’d hide. So I decided to be like a butterfly, so simple, sweet, and free. So I
    Decided to let the tears and the pain slip away from me, and no matter
    what happened, no matter who hurt me they would never
    know…Because I am like a butterfly, Simple. Sweet. And free,... more »

  • East Of Eden

    East of Eden, not far from here two lover lie, without knowledge or fear

    East of Eden where dreams come true, where the sky’s the limit and you’re never blue... more »

  • Falling Like The Leaves

    I fell in love one summer’s day,
    In love all by myself

    I fell; I fell from clouds above,... more »

  • Hide And Seek

    I’m hiding, so come find me
    I’m dreaming, an endless dream
    I’m falling, someone catch me
    I’m fine, so just let me be... more »

  • Makeup

    Eyes, lips, face check
    Hair, nails, and earrings too
    Blue jeans red top with matching red shoes,
    So much, so much for her to do... more »

  • Rape

    One who longed for you, though you not for him,
    His love he expressed, but that you had to turn down
    He then left, you not caring where
    Conflicting emotions, him wanting you more and more... more »

  • Wings Of A Dove

    God, is my all and

    I’m weak without him.... more »