• 12/15/07

    I met a man
    when I had a broken heart.
    He became my friend
    when things were falling apart.... more »

  • Disposition

    I want to hold on tightly.
    urge myself to let go.
    Feelings I've been fighting
    constantly wanting to show.... more »

  • Elizabeth, My Friend.

    From the stars in the sky
    to the white and blue seas below,
    the beauty beyond compare
    to those who know... more »

  • Grindstone

    I'm back against the wall of my mind.
    How could I have missed all of the signs?
    Back to the grindstone
    to grind down my heart.... more »

  • Love

    true love is when you can look at a picture of the guy you like and honestly wish his complete happiness.

    and it's also when you can let go, and if he's truly yours he will come back, and not just because you are a last resort
    or the other person he wanted didn't want him,... more »

  • Movin' On

    Flew from the dark,
    Rising with pain,
    I dropped to my knees,
    crying in shame,... more »

  • Oblivious

    “You finally lost the race, ” I think to myself about the person sitting across from me. “But you don’t know it yet. Maybe you never knew to begin with.”

    I can't stand being seen to squirm underneath a trance as I slightly raise the edge of my lip into a unnoticable sneer.
    So sour a thought.... more »

  • Requiem For My Casanova

    I can't call him my boyfriend,
    but I love him just the same.
    I can smile at a thought of him,
    or even just his name.... more »

  • The Last Goodbye

    You run around in circles,
    trying to find your way.
    The path that I am walking,
    could have your path one day.... more »

  • Why?

    How can I describe what I'm going through?
    Nightly thoughts in my head of losing you.
    I've been beating my brains out night after night.
    The worst part is knowing this just isn't right.... more »