• Coffee Shop Confessions

    And so you speak
    Words flow like music
    Of your lips
    That sip from the edge... more »

  • Country Mystic

    Never liked the country much
    Until moving to a place
    With pines and wild berries
    Facing the window... more »

  • Just For Now

    Behind the wheel
    Is where I contemplate
    Best... more »

  • Les Yeux

    Les yeux.

    Captivate. Intrigue. Enlighten.... more »

  • Little Jar

    Change floats on a current
    Like a sailboat on a stream
    And I dream
    As a feather frees itself... more »

  • Realistic Equation

    What’s in reality?

    Truth is that which is real, which is inherent, which is belief.... more »

  • Redundancy

    The fingers that dropped the pencil
    echoing across the desk
    that caught the release
    Fold quaintly beneath a tired cheek.... more »

  • Sonata Infinite

    Caress the ivories so delicately
    The ebonies interrupt.
    Fingers bond to the keys that let them glide so smoothly ascending a chromatic
    The language blotted across parchment is the sanity that breathes emotion... more »

  • What Have We Become?

    What is that that sparks through one's mind?
    An instant of thought unaided by rule
    Of that is a creation by distraction of an abstract
    Or merely the visage of a simple reality.... more »

  • Yellow Lines And Speed Limit Signs

    Yellow lines and speed limit signs
    Rounding a curve
    With both hands on the wheel
    As if the pistons firing... more »