• A Ssong: Never Ending New Years

    And i'm drowning in theses tears i cry,
    While your smile tries to catch my eyes
    But living is so new to me
    And there's some where else i'd rather be... more »

  • Can'T Find My Reflection

    Can't find my reflection though i've tried
    I took a step, I took a stride, to find a mirror deep inside
    Though it is not here only fear remains
    But then i think, is this the reflection of me?... more »

  • My War With You

    My only fear is that you won’t be here
    Like you promised, the war will be over and I’ll be back,
    Though I’ve made a lot of mistakes
    But that was a lie... more »

  • To Blame Me

    To blame me,
    Would prove to be A fatel mistake i couldn't take
    To blame me would push me over the edge,
    Over the rocks to a shallow river bed... more »

  • What You Wanted For Him?

    U took his heart and broke it in two
    Like his tombstone, his final words were I hate u
    Didn’t give him the chance
    Didn’t give him the time... more »