I've been abused my whole life, my poems reflect that.
I'm a lesbian. Theres a few about guys in there, but... people change. Im young and know a lot of my surroundings, not that they're any good of course. I want someone there to understand what this all means one day. You wont.


Brittany Marsh Poems

All Alone Once Again

All alone once again.
Hurt, broken, bruised, and torn.
I find it hard to keep my sane.
Losing you, nothing gained.... more »

My Purpose?

I wish i knew my purpose
Why i was put on earth
Why my mother gave me up
Soon after my birth... more »

Ask Myself Why?

As i looked into your eyes
I could see the fire no longer there
It seemed to me that you
No longer wanted to care... more »

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Comments about Brittany Marsh

Brittany Marsh 13 Jul 2008 11:50
Hey, Brittany! I don't know if you get on here or if you ever see this but I googled my name, which is also Brittany Marsh, and came across your page. I started reading some of your poems and I really enjoyed them. You are a very good writer. I wrote one poem that I think you might like. It is very similar to some of yours. If you would like me to email it to you then email me at bmarsh_0617@yahoo.com I would love to hear from you Brittany
Robbie Pham 13 Mar 2008 10:40
Hey Brittany, I like your poems! All your poems are really in depth and expresses how you feel. Keep up the good work!