• =[

    i hate the feeling
    of a broken heart
    but even worse
    tearing, shredding, shattering... more »

  • A Love Thrice Lost

    forgive you?
    I can't
    memories pick me apart
    limb by limb... more »

  • Addicted To Words

    i know, my love
    im addicted to words
    and everything i say is barely a whisper
    but i scream for attention... more »

  • All Alone Once Again

    All alone once again.
    Hurt, broken, bruised, and torn.
    I find it hard to keep my sane.
    Losing you, nothing gained.... more »

  • Ask Myself Why?

    As i looked into your eyes
    I could see the fire no longer there
    It seemed to me that you
    No longer wanted to care... more »

  • Awakenings

    Im trapped in a world where my limbs are stuck,
    my eyes are frozen.
    Where'd I get this luck?
    Some music affects me.... more »

  • Backing Away

    It's not like I don't want you to see
    The person that I'm trying to be
    Then other people start to see
    How you habitually back away from me... more »

  • Blame Me

    hearts broken
    never the same... more »

  • Daddy

    Daddy why are you home so late
    You promised earlier hours
    You smell of alcohol and sadness
    Why can't I help you?... more »

  • Daddy And His Baby

    What did I get myself into this time?
    I'm sitting here writing these typical lines.
    Oh boy, my girl is hurting
    and I know why.... more »

  • Darkest Nightmare

    choking on my life
    do I live or die?
    drowning in my sorrows
    afraid to see tomorrow... more »

  • Deapest Dream

    As i look into the darkness
    She brings out the light
    I can see her out there
    Her image so vivid and bright... more »

  • Digging And Drowning

    Dominates... more »

  • Empty

    As i watch the seconds tick away
    In my empty life
    I wonder what my porpose is
    Why i was put on earth... more »

  • Engravings

    shaking, heavy breathing, the sweats
    mind moving fast as army jets
    cutting through the sky
    do i really like this high?... more »

  • Failing

    I hope you have accepted my fate
    As it is in your hands
    Slipping closer towards the edge
    Fingernails break the surface as i crawl towards the end... more »

  • False Suicide

    Her numerous sorrows
    drained her sanity
    until none was left
    so she made some orders... more »

  • Fast Lane

    fast lane,
    two hearts that beat so smooth
    together now
    i know this ones real... more »

  • Flatlined

    Pick up the gun, load it, then cock it.
    Walk here and there,
    don't be scared you won't dropp it.
    Sit in silence for a while.... more »

  • From What I See

    Along the road
    Sits a lonely soul
    Dead beyond belief.... more »

  • Frozen Wasteland

    How can I take these nights without you?
    These sleepless nights
    These lonely nights
    My love, this blade does me no good... more »

  • Hate With A Hint Of Rage

    I let the feeling of hate consume me
    I drowned you from the inside out
    I cut your throat and let it bleed
    I slipped the noose and broke your neck... more »

  • I Know Its Not Much

    If i left now
    would you care?
    if this was my letter of good-bye
    would you run to me?... more »

  • 'I Love You, Too'

    It's more than just a game
    intentions run smoothe
    because I know what I'm saying
    this is hard to comprehend,... more »

  • I Read It Today.4-3-08, ...You Told Me Not To. I Shoudnt Have.

    i found out what was wrong
    but i don't see why you wouldn't tell me
    instead, you went right ahead... more »