• I Remember When

    Help me
    Help you
    Misery secluded in a crowded space
    Claustrophobic... more »

  • I Think Shes Breaking

    i think shes breaking
    i think shes breaking
    i know im shaking
    i know im shaking... more »

  • Insignifigant

    My rage,
    my lies.
    I keep it all inside,
    You hate,... more »

  • Just Dont

    i cant stand not being with you
    cause i know what we both feel... more »

  • Kendall R.I.P.

    im trapped in this world i hate
    tranquilized... more »

  • Leaving.

    This is a poem
    about a girl; to sad to give a fxck
    she tries finding it,
    but she's lost all of her luck...... more »

  • Life Story

    tell me yours
    i'll tell you mine
    one story, one step at a time
    i could lay here forever and talk to you... more »

  • Lost Love Questions

    Why did he hurt me so bad? ,
    now i am forever to be sad.
    Content used to be my middle name,
    Now i look at myself in shame.... more »

  • Madmen

    Madmen who twitch
    search for the stitch
    to open and create bigger gashes.... more »

  • Mask Of Deception

    Smiling faces pass me by
    All real and happy
    They don't have to wear their masks
    Behind my mask... more »

  • My Friend

    Because you are my friend
    I am afraid; no more
    A wonderful girl with a heart of gold
    Thats why it is you i adore... more »

  • My Other Half

    Never saw stars fall so fast
    until the day I looked into your eyes.
    Noticed them when I found the disguise
    and i looked past the mask of little white lies.... more »

  • My Purpose?

    I wish i knew my purpose
    Why i was put on earth
    Why my mother gave me up
    Soon after my birth... more »

  • My Sister... At Least To Me

    Your just like a sister
    One i've always wanted
    your by my side
    Helping me when taunted... more »

  • Nightmares Reflection

    Dearest somber musician,
    play me that overplayed tune of anguish.
    Use the strings of your heart
    and be careful not to break the connections,... more »

  • Not At Fault

    Sitting here for far too long.
    4 days, I know,
    dont be alarmed.
    Shamefully applying scars.... more »

  • Not This Time

    confusion based on memories and enequalities
    the destination where im headed reflects my past
    i stay a few moments longer to die?
    to reminise on understanding... more »

  • Open Up

    I wish you would open up
    So that i could see
    What's hurting you inside
    What pain you feel... more »

  • Or So They Say

    so close yet so far away
    or so they say
    all this hurt and pain
    all the hoping, wishing, dreaming,... more »

  • Over You

    Confusion for me is nothing new, especially when it comes to you.
    Your mind and opinions change constantly.... more »

  • Painful

    my head beats

    just as my heart... more »

  • Paranoia

    keep walking

    walking... more »

  • People Set Afire

    Flailing arms,
    burning coffins,
    mirrored lives of those forgotten.... more »

  • Pointless

    I’ve had it with all of these pointless romances.
    I’m sick of their twists, turns and complicated dances.... more »

  • Realization

    You don't realize that it's happened
    until it's all said and done
    You say it's just a joke
    Your just having some harmless fun... more »