• Scary

    i stare with the softest eyes
    caught in a daze.
    she glances over at me
    i glance away.... more »

  • Skips A Beat

    When i look at her
    My heart skips a beat
    Her hair so brown
    Her smile so sweet... more »

  • So Wrong?

    What did i do so wrong
    Why am i so bad
    The hurt inside
    Keeps me forever sad... more »

  • Something That I Never Would Have Expected

    a system of elapsed time
    shoots through my body as it does your name
    everything feeling as still as water
    nothing making any sense... more »

  • Standing In Line

    Dry, dead leaves
    dance past my feet
    with happiness I lack.
    Jealousy flows through my veins.... more »

  • Standing In The Rain

    You left me there
    Standing in the rain
    To cope with is all
    My anger frustration and pain... more »

  • Static Lines

    These broken communication lines
    try to mend themselves.
    Still, all that's heard are broken words and static waves.
    Hours go by, no words are exchanged.... more »

  • Stuck In Shaddows

    You set off my radar
    but I hide myself from your sight.
    I hide amongst the shadowed doorways
    afraid to attempt to make things right.... more »

  • Stuck In Shaddows 2

    My radar detected,
    you slowly caught my eye.
    These doorways forever imprisoned me
    after you looked away and walked right by.... more »

  • Take Care

    All my concern for you
    Confined into my heart
    I can't express, it's true,
    But through two silent eyes... more »

  • The Hurt That Is Felt

    The hurt that is felt
    Way deep down below
    I keep it there
    So no one will know... more »

  • The Littlest Things

    You don't appreciate it much
    Till it's all gone away
    It's the littlest things that you miss
    The insignificant things that stay... more »

  • The Snow

    The feel of the snow
    Coming down on my face
    I must be in another world
    The most bitchin' place... more »

  • This Is Our Reality

    this is our reality
    at times i can't bare, and tend to sleep
    this is our realirty
    at times you stare, not just glance at me... more »

  • This Thing

    She looks good in color.
    She looks to break your will
    She looks so pure in white
    & she looks like she could kill... more »

  • Trust Me?

    yeah i messed up
    my heart aches in guilt
    all of my throughts are of her
    making this change... more »

  • Unforgotten

    Wishing she was here
    To love one more time
    Wishing she was here
    To feel her body next to mine... more »

  • Unspoken Plans

    calling all arms
    put your gaurd down
    frightened faces
    moving places... more »

  • Untitled

    Repulsive on a daily basis
    Rejected by the crowds
    Walking down one way streets
    Tripping over uneven grounds... more »

  • Vanity

    He's drawn to desire.
    She ignites the fire.
    Vanity's dressed in a mess.
    Streaked eyeliner and a bloodstained wedding dress.... more »

  • When The Snow Starts To Fall

    When the snow stars to fall
    And settle on the ground
    I know that it is time
    For new Trails to be found... more »

  • Your Eyes

    some things just don't seize to amaze me
    the way the outer dark ring defines whats within
    the way the color of that ring sits perfectly thin
    but the right more full than the left... more »