• Confused

    I don’t know wat to do
    I am really confused
    Because i love him too!... more »

  • From Him

    I want to take his eyes out
    Just for looking at you... more »

  • I Love This Life Of Mine

    There are some millionaires
    With money they can't use
    Their wives run round like banshees
    Their children sing the blues... more »

  • Jesus Please

    There’s nothing left to do
    But for him to be true

    So I get down on my knees... more »

  • My Angel

    Angel, angel where did u go?
    You know I can’t live without you... more »

  • Selfish Girl

    i am a selfish girl when it comes to you
    every moment of the day i'm addicked to you
    what your givin me
    boy your killin me... more »