• Almost Dying

    Her reflection scares her
    Her disbelief impairs her
    Her hurt consumes her
    The spotlight pursues her... more »

  • Better

    so much better
    it's inconceivable
    how i don't feel
    heavy...... more »

  • Confessions Of A Leaving Husband

    Sell them for food
    send them off with a lie
    attached at the side
    'you're all i need'... more »

  • Crying

    Silently Crying,
    muffled tears in a pillow
    for days on end hiding,
    dim lights and stale air... more »

  • Ever

    My face is sticky
    and my nose is running
    and im sick of feeling this way
    especially considering it's never REALLY stopped... more »

  • For Me

    I used not to think
    I was bad
    There was a time
    when I would've thought... more »

  • Gripped

    once again I find myself
    in this sad state
    a few minutes
    an hour... more »

  • Haiku (On Love)

    Should you forget me
    I will still remember you
    Love is forever... more »

  • Here

    i'm all alone here
    it's kind of dark here
    there's no one else here
    i'm by myself here... more »

  • Holding Back

    Holding back tears as I think of you
    Holding in anger and hate for myself

    Holding back laughter at some of the things we used to do... more »

  • Hollow

    this unspeakable feeling
    is more or less
    this... more »

  • I Can'T Feel My Face

    i would really like to let Her go
    i would like to forget Her
    even though i want him to talk to Her
    for my own enjoyment... more »

  • I Could Tell You

    I could tell you about my face
    it's a miracle, really
    I'm fifteen and it's unmarred by acne... more »

  • I Don'T Know

    I don't even know.
    What I want.
    Why I want it.
    Where I want to be.... more »

  • I Don'T Want To

    My hands are cold
    my face is hot
    every sound chills my spine
    my skin tingles at the slightest touch... more »

  • If I Should Choose

    If I should choose
    To model myself after the only girl.
    The only girl I know to be perfectly beautiful
    The only girl I've seen that has no flaws... more »

  • I'Ll Be Gone Tomorrow

    i'm not sick
    don't feel it
    don't look it
    don't act it... more »

  • Kiss

    He touches my skin
    I tremble
    with each lengthening second
    each deafening heartbeat... more »

  • Lemonade Makes My Tummy Hurt

    lemonade makes my tummy hurt
    it's curious how that works
    it makes me nauseous
    it makes me cautious... more »

  • More Or Less, This Is Me

    more or less
    this is me

    i'm generally lonely... more »

  • Nothing Else Matters

    Promise me forever
    and nothing else matters
    promise me a lifetime
    and darling I'm yours... more »

  • Picture This

    she's alone
    she's scared
    maybe she's crazy
    maybe she's ill... more »

  • Pitiful Poem

    Too many days
    too many ways
    too many things i can't bring myself to say... more »

  • Sleep Etc.

    sleep is thick and heavy
    it's the best thing God invented
    it soothes
    restores... more »

  • Something To Think About

    At least I don't look
    live... more »