• Surrender

    All that I am -
    All that I'll be.
    you're going to break me anyway.... more »

  • Tomorrow

    tomorrow's one step closer
    to the rest of my life with you

    today draws out much longer... more »

  • What We Said

    What he said was:
    'I love you'

    What I wanted to say was:... more »

  • When Stars Fall Down

    When stars fall down
    to crush my fragile heart
    and the bright, shiny memories
    create a sad, sad work of art... more »

  • You

    wiped my tears
    opened my eyes
    brightened my day
    gave me light... more »

  • You Make My Heart Bleed

    Who am I
    and what have I become
    where have you been
    haven't you seen... more »